PRofessional Guarding

  • PSIRA Accredited Guards with many years of industry experience
  • Minimum of 3 Guards per 12 hour shift to ensure vessel is secure at all times
  • Stationed at the Bow, Stern and Gangway for maximum effectiveness
  • Onboard guarding available (alternatively guarded from the quayside)
  • Regular Supervisor visits to maintain proficient service
  • Strict Access Control procedures enforced by Gangway Guard
  • Constant and consistent telecommunication with relevant Managers

Thorough Search Procedure

  • Proven methodology formulated over 20 years of industry experience
  • Search procedure is explained in full to the Master of Vessels before being conducted
  • Procedural searches are conducted with highly-trained canine companions
  • Areas where searches are completed are sealed to ensure search integrity is maintained
  • A final check of the sealed areas is conducted after initial search is completed
  • Searches are electronically recorded via on-person video cameras (footage available on request)